Thank You Sandy,

Both of my daughters have gotten married within the past 6 months and both used Sandy's wedding planning services. My eldest daughter was married Oct 18, 2014 at a multi-level venue. A lot of logistics went into her reception between the florist, caterer, serving staff, Photobooth, etc. so having Sandy there to coordinate everything was so helpful. I even had a big surprise at the reception planned and Sandy was able to make sure it went down without a hitch! Sandy was easy to communicate with She was always willing to meet my daughter and I at our office, venue, or other vendors so that she knew everything that was going on and what would be needed on the day of. She's such a sweet, friendly woman- the kind of person you want planning weddings. Sandy did a great job communicating with the vendors on the day-of and making sure everything went where we had discussed as well as making sure everyone was sticking to the schedule. I honestly felt like I had nothing to stress about and got to enjoy getting ready with my daughter and her bridesmaids. At the reception I got to dance and enjoy it! My youngest daughter got married on February 28, 2015. She hadn't initially planned on using a planner because her wedding was much more low-key than my other daughter's. But as it got closer, I felt we needed the assistance and Sandy was more than willing to jump back in with us and help make sure the 2nd wedding went off without a hitch! This daughter's wedding required a LOT of decoration and set-up. Sandy did a great job coordinating all the vendors for the set-up and the ballroom looked stunning. Both of my daughter's never had to stress on their wedding day as a result of Sandy's aptitude and professionalism. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as the best way to prevent a stressed out bride and mother!

Rexanne (Norfolk, VA)


Absolutely Amazing Service!! 

Working with Sandy as our wedding planner was great! We wouldn't have been able to pull such a fabulous wedding together in three months without Sandy's assistance. I am an active duty service member with an extremely busy schedule. My now husband lives in Washington D.C. and I live in Virginia Beach. Neither one of us had the time to research venues, vendors, or wedding ideas. Sandy was extremely instrumental in researching and referring local vendors with the best prices, value, and service reputation. Sandy did a great job from the vendor recommendations, to the wedding invitations, the wedding ceremony and reception decorations. We absolutely could not have planned our wedding in three months without Sandy. I would recommend her a thousand times over to any friend or family member getting married!

LaDonna (Virginia Beach, VA) 


Wonderful lady with GREAT service! 

Sandy Baxter owner of Baxter’s Creative Events is awesome to say the least! She provided me with everything she promised and MUCH more. Her business operates on professionalism while still providing the personal care that every bride wants. Anyone out there contemplating if they need a planner or if they want her as their planner should make every effort to do so. Your family may enjoy helping plan and being involved, but it is much better when they can sit back and enjoy. You get to avoid the stress of making sure everything falls into place because Sandy will make sure it happens. Every contract is in your best interests and leaves nothing out. There are many things I would not have thought of had it not been for her. She ensured that every t was crossed and every i was dotted. There are many wonderful things I could go on and on about the services I received but I will just tell you she was there EVERY step of the way. Anywhere I wanted her to be. From venues to wedding dress, from hair to linen, if I asked she was there. She will be there whenever you want. Giving opinions where wanted and providing suggestions you may not think of. She will do as much as you want, or if you want her to step back she will do that to. She will go above and beyond. Having her there to facilitate everything that happened left me to worry about me! That was it. Take my word for it, on the wedding day you will be stressing enough let Sandy worry about the sequence of events. I am here to tell you that she is worth every penny (frankly MUCH more.) My dress ripped right after the ceremony (a child standing on the dress as you try to walk away is not a good idea). Had she not been there I would have just melted. But she ever so calmly directed me and fixed it up so we could get on with the pictures and celebration. When she was done no one could even tell it had ripped. My family chastised me for a while telling me I was wasting my money, they could do it, why did I do that… but looking back I wouldn’t change it. It was every bit the right decision. Our families got to enjoy their time in town and did not have to be concerned when vendors would arrive or how to decorate. Plus, by not having family deep in the planning process they get further surprise and enjoyment from your special day as well; thus making it more memorable. Sandy took care of everything. The planning, the preparing, the set up, and the tear down. Like I said… WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Jacqueline 2012 (Virginia Beach, VA)


So Glad I hired Sandy!

I met Sandy from Baxter's Creative Events while shopping at the Navy Exchange. After speaking to my fiance about her services, I finally convinced him that I needed a wedding planner. I had already picked out my venue, knew who was going to be in the wedding party and picked out the dresses and tuxes. Thinking that I just needed Sandy for the "big day" I went back to hire her. While speaking with her she had convinced me that if I had hired her for the whole planning service, that it would be in my benefit. So I agreed...and I'm so glad that I did. Sandy gave me all her contacts for the best florists, photographers, and ceremony officiants. She made sure that every detail was covered up to the last dance. She and her husband made sure the ceremony and reception room looked beautiful and I was very impressed. Even though Sandy kept records of all the service agreements I had authorized, I still kept an excel sheet running tab at the house to make sure I was paid up on everything. Also, the ceremony itself went very smoothly because Sandy ensured during the rehearsal that everyone knew where they would be going and standing. The ceremony was fabulous, I was so happy with it. Thank You Sandy for all your help and service.

Judi & John (Chesapeake, VA)


Simply Amazing

Words cannot explain how great Sandy was for our event. We hired her for day of only but she made us feel like we had constant contact with her. On the day of our event having her was truly priceless. She was buzzing around the entire night checking on guests and coordinating with vendors to make sure the night was perfect. She also made time in there to check on us and made sure we were fed and with drinks in hand. I believe that everyone should have Sandy as their coordinator. Hind sight being 20/20 I wish we had hired her from day one of our engagement. THANK YOU SANDY!!!!! You are AMAZING at your job.

Tami & Brad (Chesapeake, VA)


Phenomenal Experience

My wife and I had to get married in the courthouse due to an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. We planned on having the wedding we wanted once I got back from deployment. We tried to get some planning done over the phone for the year I was deployed with no real luck. Once I got back, we were less than a year from the big day and were nowhere near where we wanted to be. Staci brought up the idea of hiring a wedding planner, even though I was initially against it I decided to shop around to find one. I thought they would be a whole lot of money and it would be a big waste of money. The first and only planner we talked to was Sandy. From the get go I was sold. Her professionalism, friendly nature, and attention to detail were very apparent. Her price was also very reasonable as well. During the planning process she gave us milestones, and kept us on track on what we needed to do. She set up all of our appointments and gave us numerous vendors to choose from. Unfortunately we were not able to go through with the wedding as my wife and I are expecting our first child and we had to call off the wedding for now. I have no doubt Sandy would have knocked our wedding out of the park as she truly loves what she does. I would recommend her to any of my friends who are planning a wedding. She is a dream to work with and has tons of great ideas. Thank you Sandy for everything, and I wish you the best in everything you do.

Ed & Staci Brown (Chesapeake, VA)    


What Can I Say About Baxter's Creative Events! 

Sandy of Baxter's Creative Events was so professional and creative with my Baby Shower. Can you say; "Completely Stress Free"! I didn't have to do a thing because she had it completely under and even came up with some awesome games to entertain my guests. Sandy even made my party favors which were baby carriages made out of chocolate. She even gave me a beautiful, well crafted diaper shower cake as a gift, of which fit my pink & chocolate brown polka dot theme. I still have that diaper cake and can't simply bring myself to take the diaper cake apart to use the diapers; it's that beautiful and a perfect touch to my daughter's room. Sandy and her team made the most beautiful canopy for my head table as well, which was the talk of the party. Everyone absolutely loved the canopy and the decorations within it. I and all of my guests as well as family were in awe of what Sandy did for my Baby Shower. If you are looking for a planner to orchestrate your event, whether it's a Baby Shower, wedding (she did mine a little over a year earlier), or some other kind of party then you need to call Sandy of Baxter's Creative Events. Sandy will take care of all the details, which leaves you fee to enjoy your event with no stress at all.

Heather (Virginia Beach, VA)